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Accurate and timely real estate valuations.

As a leader in the appraisal modernization space, our focus is on the future of valuation practice. Having been the first to pioneer a bifurcated appraisal workflow on forward origination loans, Mueller has positioned itself as a leading innovator, leveraging new technologies and processes that have improved the experience for all transactional participants. At Mueller, we deliver accurate, compliant, and consistent real estate appraisal and evaluation reports right when you need them. We bring Mueller Enterprise, our own proprietary software, and professional field staff together with our staff of credentialed appraisal professionals to help you make the right decisions for your business. Whether you need a comprehensive appraisal report or an evaluation, only Mueller can provide the professionalism and expertise to give lenders and borrowers a superior service experience.

Mueller Appraisals

Mueller is one of the largest non-affiliated staff appraisal firms in the U.S.

As a lender, you know that increased costs associated with originating a loan and the competitive nature of today’s marketplace require you to execute at a fast pace, with overall margin in mind. At Mueller, we recognize that every second counts, and through the coupling of our proprietary technologies and our nationwide network of staff appraisers and field representatives, we can offer you considerable cost savings while providing industry leading turn-times. Our team has you covered, whether you need a product to support equity lending, agency purchase loans, or REO assets, we have a product solution to meet your needs.

MVALUEXpress MVALUE MVALUEi MVALUEi(REO) 1004Hybrid/ 70H 1004Desktop/ 70D
Completed by state-licensed/certified appraiser with local MLS data
Licensed/certified appraiser performs in-depth research on property
USPAP-compliant appraisal process and report
Exterior inspection of subject property and neighborhood
Tailored to REO and loss mitigation
Tailored to home equity
Sales comparison with line-item adjustments
Sales comparable photos
Interior inspection of subject property
Meets the Interagency Guidelines for Evaluation
Includes Industry Leading AVM and Property Condition Report
Optional Services
Presentation of active listings
GLA diagram with measurements
As-is and repaired value
Recommended line-item repairs

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MVALUEXpress evaluation reports include the most essential information, while remaining superior to a BPO. The report includes multiple photos of the subject property, an overview of the neighborhood obtained by the field representative that is inspecting the subject, along with a class leading AVM. This offering is tailored for use when the transaction meets Interagency Guidelines for the use of an Evaluation. .


MVALUE appraisal reports are desktop appraisal reports that are prepared by Mueller’s geographically competent, licensed and certified staff appraisers. Using the Mueller Enterprise platform, we compile property inspection information provided by a Mueller professional, local multiple listing services (MLS), public records, and other relevant market data. This process ensures compliance and efficiency, enabling the appraiser to accurately determine value. MVALUE appraisals also include a sales comparison grid, with line-item adjustments, comparable photos, and additional benefits. These appraisal reports are tailored to home equity and portfolio lending, delivering cost savings beyond that of traditional drive-by appraisals.


MVALUEi appraisal reports include all of the benefits of the MVALUE report, plus an interior inspection. The interior condition report will allow for a comprehensive assessment of the subject property’s overall condition. MVALUEi delivers significant cost savings while reducing time service as compared to traditional appraisals.


MVALUEi(REO) appraisal reports include all of the benefits of the MVALUEi report, with the addition of a comprehensive list of identified repairs observed during the physical inspection of the subject property, along with line-item cost-to-cure calculations, an As-Is opinion of value, and an As-Repaired opinion of value. This product can be leveraged by organizations with REO assets when determining how to best disposition a property.


1004H/70H appraisal reports are offered in support of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s appraisal modernization programs. These reports are completed by a geographically competent Mueller staff appraiser, utilizing property condition data obtained by Mueller’s employee field representatives. This offering is considerably more efficient and cost effective when compared to a traditional appraisal.


1004Desktop/70D appraisal reports are also offered in support of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac’s appraisal modernization programs, however, these report options do not require a physical inspection of the subject property. These reports are also completed by geographically competent Mueller staff appraisers. This product set offers considerably shorter cycle times when compared to inspection-based reports, resulting in greater process efficiencies.

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